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Kate.net Labor Day

Labor Day Facts

Written by Kate.net

2018Monday, September 3
2019Monday, September 2
2020Monday, September 7
2021Monday, September 6

What is Labor Day?

Labor Day in the U.S. is an annual national holiday which celebrates workers and their contributions to the country. It is traditionally a day off or day of rest for workers and is generally thought of as the end of summer.

When is Labor Day Celebrated?

Labor Day is celebrated in the U.S. on the first Monday of September each year.

Labor Day History

Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 in New York City, and by 1885, the day was also celebrated in a number of other areas throughout the country. While New York was the first to introduce a bill into its legislature to recognize Labor Day as a state holiday, Oregon passed the first such state law in 1887. Other states followed suit, and in 1894, Congress passed legislation making Labor Day a legal national holiday to be held on the first Monday of September each year.

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Labor Day Flag Wallpaper
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Labor Day Wallpaper

Labor Day Barbecue Wallpaper
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