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The Latest from Kate.net
The Latest from Kate.net

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To contact Kate, please send an email to:

kate /at/ kate /dot/ net

(Replace the slashes and the words between the slashes with the appropriate email symbols.)

While I do read all non-spam emails, I regret that there is not always time enough in the day to send an individual reply to each email. If you are sending a request or a suggestion, if for some reason I am not able to reply, it does not mean I won't be taking your request or suggestion into consideration. You may see the result on the site one day!

Additionally, sometimes valid emails are erroneously delivered to my "spam" folder, which is rarely accessed. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Advertising Inquiries
Please visit my Advertising page for more information.

Link Exchange Information
Please note that I am not able to accommodate link exchanges, but I thank you for your interest. For many years I've scoured the web, myself, for links of note for my site visitors for a given holiday, for example, but these have never been link "exchanges," and now I'm in the process of removing many of the links in order to concentrate more fully on creating helpful wallpapers and printables (versus on trying to check the links for moved sites, etc.).

Thank you for visiting the site!

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