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The Latest from Kate.net
The Latest from Kate.net

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Message and Quote Facebook Covers
With Facebook's great new timeline covers, you're now able to personalize your page. I'm happy to announce that Kate.net is now offering Facebook cover images for personal or nonprofit use (see below for specific usage policies). Check back often for new Facebook covers and "like" Kate.net on Facebook to find out when new covers are available!

Message and Quote Facebook Page Covers by Kate.net

Kate.net Facebook Covers Copyright and Usage Policies

    All covers were designed by and are copyright © Kate.net. Kate.net Facebook timeline covers may NOT be uploaded to or offered on any other web site (other than for personal use on Facebook) or offered via any other method of distribution under penalty of law. Read below for more usage policies.

    You MAY:

  • You MAY save a copy of a given Facebook cover to your personal, school, or work computer and upload it to your personal Facebook account for use as your personal Facebook page cover.
  • You MAY save a copy of a given Facebook cover and then upload it to your nonprofit school's Facebook page, your nonprofit group's Facebook page, or your social or interest (non-commercial) group's Facebook page.
  • You MAY "pin" a Kate.net Facebook cover image to Pinterest if the pin is linked to the Kate.net Facebook Covers *WEB PAGE* on which the Kate.net Facebook Cover image is presented, not solely to the image alone (i.e., use the Pinmarklet favorites pin to pin an image directly from the Kate.net Facebook Covers page).

  • You may NOT:

  • You may NOT change or alter any Kate.net Facebook cover in any way.
  • You may NOT remove, alter, or cover up the Kate.net copyright mark from or on any Kate.net Facebook cover image or any other Kate.net image.
  • You may NOT use Kate.net Facebook covers on your for-profit company's Facebook page without prior written permission from Kate.net.
  • You may NOT post or upload any Kate.net Facebook cover or any other Kate.net wallpaper, image, or file to any other web site or FTP site or any other means of redistribution for any reason. The Kate.net Facebook cover images, as are all Kate.net web site wallpapers and images, are copyright © Kate.net and may NOT be reposted in other Facebook cover collections under penalty of law.
  • You may NOT use any Kate.net desktop wallpapers or any other images found on Kate.net as your Facebook timeline covers. Only Kate.net Facebook covers may be used as such.

  • If you still have any questions about how you are allowed to use Kate.net Facebook covers, please contact me with your question(s) before using any Kate.net Facebook covers. Thank you!

How do I make one of these my Facebook cover?

  1. First, you must agree to and abide by all of the above terms before using any Kate.net Facebook cover.
  2. Click on the thumbnail of the cover image you'd like to use. Wait for the full-sized version to load in your browser.
  3. Right-click on the full-sized version, and from the pop-up menu, select to save the image to your computer. I would suggest saving it to your 'Desktop' for easier retrieval. For Mac users, you can also drag the image to your desktop.
  4. Log in to your personal Facebook account.
  5. Once logged in, go to your profile page and mouse over your current page cover image. You should see a "Change Cover" button appear.
  6. Click on the "Change Cover" button. A pop-down menu will appear. Select "Upload Photo" from this menu.
  7. A file dialog box will come up listing your computer files. Navigate to your desktop, or wherever you saved the Kate.net Facebook cover, and select the desired image. Then click "Open" to set the image as your cover image.

All Covers and Photos © Kate.net. Read the copyright and usage policies above before using any Kate.net Facebook covers.

Quick Instructions (see full instructions and usage policies above):

Click on the smaller thumbnail image below and WAIT FOR THE FULL-SIZED IMAGE TO LOAD. Then use that larger image for your Facebook cover.

Remember to Vote - 11/02/12
Remember to Vote Facebook Cover

What's scarier than a haunted house? Your house... after it's been through storm surge, flooding, high winds, or heavy snow. - 10/28/12
What's scarier than a haunted house Facebook Cover

It's Monday. Deal with it. - 04/30/12
It's Monday, Deal With It Facebook Cover

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