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Printable Christmas Standing Decoration
Thanksgiving Table Decoration Original and exclusive printable, double-sided standing Christmas decoration from Kate.net!

Stand this up on a table, on your desk, or anywhere else you need a Christmas decoration. It's easy -- just print, cut, fold, and tape!

Santa Claus Standing Table Decoration

In order to download this sheet which is in PDF format, you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Most people already have this on their systems.
  1. Click on the image provided to open the page. Then, once opened, either click on the printer button within Acrobat to print the page, or go to the 'File' menu and select 'Print.' You can use regular paper -- or use cardstock (heavier-weight paper) for a more sturdy decoration.
  2. Cut along each of the 2 vertical lines that run lengthwise from the top edge of the paper to the bottom edge (cutting off and discarding the side strips).
  3. Then, fold along the middle horizontal line to fold the standing decoration in half.
  4. Next, fold along each of the 2 outer horizontal lines near the ends of the decoration to form flaps.
  5. Fold the larger flap over the smaller flap, and secure each end with tape (or use a gluestick to glue larger flap over smaller flap. Then, just stand the decoration wherever desired -- on a table, desk, etc.
Copyright Notice
This table decoration is © Kate.net. This page may be printed for personal use; however, it may NOT be offered or distributed elsewhere in any format (may NOT be put on other web sites, etc.), whether commercially (for a fee) or for free, NOR may portions of this page or its images be modified or used in other graphics or products. You may NOT link directly to this download; however, you are welcome to create a link to this page's URL. Thank you!

Click on the link or the picture to load the PDF file.
Then, just print! For best results, print on card stock.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus Table Decoration

Printables and Original Artwork Copyright © Kate.net.
See copyright notice above.

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