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Kate.net Valentine's Day

The Latest from Kate.net
The Latest from Kate.net

Monthly Birthstones and Flowers

Birthstones and Flowers

Don't forget that your Valentine may prefer stones or flowers other than those of her/his birth month!

Month Birthstone Flower
January Garnet Carnation, Snowdrop
February Amethyst Violet, Primrose, Iris
March Aquamarine, Bloodstone Daffodil, Jonquil
April Diamond Sweet Pea, Daisy
May Emerald Lily of the Valley
June Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite Rose, Honeysuckle
July Ruby Larkspur, Water Lily
August Peridot, Sardonyx Gladiolus
September Sapphire Aster, Morning Glory
October Opal, Tourmaline Marigold, Calendula
November Yellow Topaz, Citrine Chrysanthemum
December Blue Topaz, Turquoise, Zircon Narcissus, Holly

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